Announcing Roll Playing Game

After being in development for over a year, I’m happy to finally announce my latest game. Roll Playing Game is a rhythm-driven ball rolling game filled with traps, puzzles, treasures and insidious floor texts. Here is a little teaser trailer:

If that one peaked your interest (why, of course it did!), head over to Roll Playing Game’s website for more information:

The game is developed by a single developer (yes, me) using the Unreal Engine 4. Nicholas Singer is composing the music as well as creating the sound effects. He recently was nominated at the Music+Sound Awards in the same category as Oscar-winner Alexandre Desplat – how awesome is that!

Roll Playing Game will be out later this year before the AAA season starts burying all those poor indie games (i.e. before October). Windows and Linux versions will come first – after that I’ll look into other platforms.

Stay tuned for more news and content in the coming weeks – don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter if you want to stay up to date. I’m currently working on a public alpha demo for you to try the game out and I’m also preparing a Steam Greenlight campaign that will launch in April.

Until next time!

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