Public Alpha Demo released


A few days ago, we finally released the public alpha demo of Roll Playing Game. The demo includes the first chapter of the game, which contains five levels. Some of the game’s most basic gameplay elements are introduced here: red floor traps, rotating laser beams and more.

As this is an alpha build, there clearly are several major features missing or incomplete yet. For example, only the most basic sound effects are already in the game. Additional music modules will be layered over the music track depending on the section of the level you are currently in.

All levels are unlocked from the start – there is no savegame mechanism yet. In the actual game, yellow point orbs collected in the levels are needed to unlock new chapters and levels, as well as bonus levels. Also planned are “side quests” that – if completed – reward the player with bonus content like new ball skins. I’ll talk more about this in a later blog post.

Still, the demo should take you about 30-45 minutes to complete and as such provides an early but extensive glimpse at the game.

Download the alpha demo now from:

Here is a short review:

Level Building Workflow – from Tiled to UE4

Hi there! Today I’m going to talk about the level building workflow in Roll Playing Game.

What annoyed me the most in my previous game project/prototype (Thriceball, built with the OGRE Engine) was how long it took me to finish a simple level. Starting with Roll Playing Game’s development, that was the number one thing I wanted to streamline and make as efficient as possible.

For this reason (and because the movement in this game is generally limited to the X and Y axes), I decided to use tilemaps and import them in the UE4 as the basic structure of a level, using Tiled as the tool to create them. I’m trying to explain this workflow next.

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