Development State

If you’d like to read about the game’s current development progress/state as well as the roadmap for the things to come, this post is for you!

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Roll Playing Game is now on Steam Greenlight!

After delaying it for a few weeks to let the Steam Summer Sale and E3 news cool down a bit, the Steam Greenlight campaign for Roll Playing Game has finally started.

If you want to support the game (and why wouldn’t you if you are reading this blog post), you can vote for us on our Greenlight page:

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Release of June’s Public Alpha Demo

Today, we’ve released a new (and heavily reworked) public alpha demo of the game.

It still contains the first chapter of the game, but I’ve updated the levels to be even more diverse than before. Levels 1-3 and 1-5 are completely new, for example. 1-5 gets quite crazy already and shows what many of the later levels will play like.

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