Release of June’s Public Alpha Demo

Today, we’ve released a new (and heavily reworked) public alpha demo of the game.

It still contains the first chapter of the game, but I’ve updated the levels to be even more diverse than before. Levels 1-3 and 1-5 are completely new, for example. 1-5 gets quite crazy already and shows what many of the later levels will play like.

A new level hub was added, where the player sees unlocked levels, highscores and the resources needed to unlock new levels. The score system was updated: White orbs are gone, the player can now earn 1-4 points depending on the % of collected yellow orbs and another 1-4 points depending on the number of respawns/deaths it took to complete the level. This is because most testers found the previous “white orb solution” confusing, although it was a bit more forgiving.

For those who found the controls to be too slow and unresponsive, the ball physics were slightly adjusted and additionally, a boost button was added. Boosting has to be used carefully though, as the ball will explode after taking even the tiniest amount of damage while boosting.

Also, I’ve updated both visuals (as explained in an earlier blog post and shown in the screenshot above) and music/SFX, though especially the latter is still far from finished.

As before, the demo is available from our page:

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