Development State

If you’d like to read about the game’s current development progress/state as well as the roadmap for the things to come, this post is for you!

What’s the current development progress?

In the last 3 weeks, I’ve completely reworked all 20 campaign levels. Main focus was to incorporate public feedback from the Alpha Demo. Also, I wanted each level to be unique in gameplay and style, so many sections that more or less repeated already known gameplay elements in a different layout were cut or moved to bonus levels.

At the moment, I’m refactoring the code and (UE4) blueprints and am cleaning up the project – necessarily, after so much stuff was added during the reworks in the last weeks.

Also, I’m refreshing the game’s Steam Greenlight statistics page like every 5 minutes.

Nick (the composer) is currently finishing the base music tracks. These are already really important for playtesting – without the music (and rhythm) that is adjusted to the levels, the gameplay gets reaaally hard (as long as you don’t play with a metronome, that is).

What’s up next?

Next, I’m going to tune the visuals of the game, mostly regarding the colors of gameplay elements: Players should be able to understand hazards and other elements by looking at their color. As an example, in an older build I had red glowing health orbs that heal the ball – which was not a good idea, because red is also the main color of the game’s hazards.

Content-wise, the time trial (or “Rush”) levels are up next. Each of the 4 chapters will have 2 or 3 Rush levels with 3 times to beat. Completing them will unlock certain bonus contents like ball skins, different color schemes etc.

When the base music tracks are finished, module tracks are the next task for Nick. These looping module tracks are faded in and out depending on the current section in the level – if you’ve played the Alpha Demo, you know what I’m talking about. Also, there are still some SFX missing.

Stay tuned for more information. Until next time!

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