Yes, there will be a Level Editor.

Sorry for the spoiler. The question whether the game will include some kind of level creation toolkit came up several times in the past. I recently brought a friend on board, David Stammer, who is currently busy getting the editor as user-friendly as possible.

We’re using Tiled as a foundation, a 2D tilemap editor that I used myself to build the levels for Roll Playing Game. Until now, the level building workflow needed a lot of manual adjustments and a large part of a level was built directly in the Unreal Engine 4 editor, on top of the level foundation imported from Tiled (as explained in this previous blog post). Obviously that’s not an option for a public toolkit.

“Add a level editor or you are a satan worshiper”
James, Steam Greenlight Voter

No level editor was never an option then. Therefore we’re extending the source code of Tiled (well, David is) to build a custom toolkit that includes everything you’ll need to create your own levels and removes everything from Tiled that isn’t needed. In short, this is the editor I would have loved to have while starting with the campaign for Roll Playing Game.

Stay tuned for more information, screenshots and level examples closer to release!

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