How’s the game coming along?

Great, thanks for asking!

The community editor is mostly done, finally. The editor itself and what comes with it requires way more time to develop than I thought at the beginning. All the new menus to browse for levels, upload them, highscore stuff and much more. In the end (when I’m done with these menus) I guess around a third of the game’s actual development time will have been used for editor development, but I’m sure it will be worth it.

On the frontend side of things, I’ve recreated/polished all of the menu screens to provide their information in a more straightforward way. They also blur the background now, which not only looks awesome, but also improves the text readability. Additionally, lots of new SFX have been added, which makes the game feel more rewarding (or punishing, if you dare to cross a locked barrier field without a key).

There also was a lot of progress behind the scenes. Besides many bugfixes and smaller improvements, I had to rewrite the level importer to be compatible with the .json format from the new editor.

Next, I’ll go through all 20 campaign levels and heavily rework + rearrange them based on tester feedback (and own ideas). Among other things, I’m going to add unique boss encounters to all four chapters as well as improve the balance + learning curve over the course of the campaign.

Until next time!

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