Publisher, new name, new trailer, new demo

Awesome news: I can finally announce that tinyBuild are going to publish my roll playing game. In their “Four-nification week“, they just revealed Road to Ballhalla as their second new game for this year.

Yes, that’s the new name for Roll Playing Game. We recently decided to change it because of some SEO issues (try to google it and see what happens). Also, it not being an actual role playing game was confusing to some people. “Road to Ballhalla” is a more straight-forward and fitting name – the main objective in the game is to get access to Ballhalla after all.

Road to Ballhalla was revealed with a new trailer – watch it here:

And that is not all: I’m currently finishing up a new demo build that will be playable at PAX South at tinyBuild’s booth. So, if you’re there, make sure to drop by!

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